Olerato Pharasi - “Life Coach to the Brand”
With a Degree in Psychology & Sociology, qualifications in Life Coaching, Transformation Coaching and Neuro-Linguistics, I’d like to think the name is quite fitting. That coupled with my expertise and qualifications in Public Relations and Business Management, you’re welcome to call me YOUR coach.

House of OP
We are a boutique Brand Coaching & Imaging Agency; specializing in the coaching and management of small businesses and brands, honing brands with potential, equipping them to operate at their best. We at House of OP believe in growing, cultivating and propelling YOU to operate at YOUR best, giving you the tools & know how to achieve your goals. Welcome to the Brand House of Olerato Pharasi Cape Town/South Africa

Qualifications from:



Brand coaching is the process of coaching you, as a business owner, brand (person as the brand) or blogger to get to your desired state or outcome as a functioning business.

“ A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by actions makes your dreams come true” - A coaches guide

We specialize in:
Brand start-ups
Starting up your brand with the correct frame of mind, the right knowledge and the correct TOOLS and resources to do so.
Brand re-vamps
Re-assessing current brand structures and figuring out what needs to change and how. Aligning the brand with its new set of goals.
Brand management coaching
Teaching you how to manage your brand and business, along with the etiquette that comes along with that. Creating a personalized management guide suited to your business.


The branding and personalizing of goods such as stationery, clothing, packaging or even business cards, for marketing purposes. (Excludes design process)

Workshops and content developing

The hosting of workshops and talks, based on the topics of branding, blogging, business management essentials as well as coaching and motivating.

The content needed to host a workshop or talk will be content created and developed by the House of OP and will be provided for attendees. Content can also be purchased at the request of a viewer.

Brand modelling and creative directing

This entails garment &/or accessory modeling for designers or brands as well as the creative conceptualizing of campaigns, shoots and content production. Each service can be provided separately or to the clients demand.

Previous clients include
(but are not limited to)

Brand modeling:
SpecSavers SA
Thabo Makhetha
Mishka Amod Make-up

Content production:


“Every now and then we find people in our lives that give us a new perspective. I like to think of these people as mentors. I was lucky enough to come across Olerato Pharasi. Her authenticity and energy is truly refreshing. This past weekend Bloggers and branding Workshop was so professionally executed.Excited to work with this diamond.”

Gina Dido -- Workshop attendee

"I would like to congratulate Olerato Pharasi on a successful workshop and thank her for being a great host! She’s definitely going places, so watch that space SA. The workshop provided me with great insight and knowledge about blogging. I would definitely suggest that up and coming bloggers attend workshops like these because you’ll find the answers you need to steer yourself in the right direction. I was lovely to meet other bloggers and I enjoyed networking with them. Cant wait to see what they have in store for our little city! After everything I’ve learnt, one thing has stuck with me: “it is important to start with your end goal in mind”. Basically, don’t wing it; know what you want to get out of it, especially if you want to make a career out of blogging.”

Taskeen Daniels -- Workshop attendee

“Olerato Pharasi, CEO of “Her Style Story” fashion blog. My experience working with a young and dynamic individual who has an immense drive to excel in her field, and always finding new business ventures to grow herself in the right direction. Her work ethic is very inspirational continuously going the extra mile to achieve the best results always. We at Bojar would not miss the opportunity to collaborate with Her Style Story and Olerato Pharasi in her personal capacity as it is great to always know that planning is done in advance and execution, is the part not ignored but always over achieved.”

Blayne Phillips -- Associate

“To whom it may concern I am a freelance photographer and have had the pleasure of working with Olerato Pharasi. She is a very strong willed person with an excellent work ethic and a great team player. I would not hesitate to work with her, and neither should anyone else.”

Luyolo Msabane -- Freelance photographer & associate

“Dear House of OP, I write this in recognition and appreciation for the level of work and commitment represented by House Of OP. As someone who is new to the world of blogging and social media, choosing to work with this company made my journey easier. I had thought of blogging and creating my own website as a creative outlet for myself and a way to channel my expertise to possibly help others in need. Writing my articles and creating the content seemed manageable but the idea to start everything from scratch was a concern. However after my initial consult with Olerato herself, we had created a detailed plan of action and a way forward which immediately eased the process and got the wheels in motion. Within two months of the original meeting I had successfully launched my very own website with a blog included, which till today is still live and running. Olerato has helped me to develop my ideas into plans of action. She has taught me the ins and outs of social media, how to engage with my viewers, and how to make social media work for me. She has refrained many concepts for me that I would have ordinarily not have paid attention to and has helped me to create the business that I have today. I am very thankful for the inspiration she has brought to me and for being there every step of the way to ensure I was happy and ready to start working on the dream I envisioned. I would recommend anyone who has an interest in developing a business or simply to develop themselves, t meet with her as she is a young visionary with great insight and creative expertise to broaden anyone’s horizons. Thank you for your time and loyalty.”

Nikita Pillay: nikitapillay.com -- Brand start up client